Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Nolan!

Whoa, what a great weekend this guy had.  He is currently sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag on the floor of his bedroom.  Not to mention he's sleeping in underwear- big day for this kid.  Yep, so he's enjoying some indoor camping.
 I'll take a photo of him in the tent soon, my camera was dropped on saturday and the flash doesn't seem to be working so sorry for the lack of  photos.  Here are some from our aquarium trip- we had a wonderful time, especially with the penguins and belugas.
 Nolan really loves the belugas and Emily did too!
 And frosting, he really loves frosting.
He had a really great birthday.  Thank you to all who help make him feel really special.  He is really loved.

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