Monday, March 24, 2014

Bronx Zoo with Nolan

Nolan and I went to the Bronx Zoo yesterday to meet up with some NY pals and we had a super great day!  Though it was cold, it wasn't too cold, some of the exhibits were indoors which provided respite from the weather.  We picnicked among the baboons.
They were super far away, but my new (third purchased, first two returned) camera allows for killer zoom. 
 We went indoors to see the giraffes.  There was a baby!  So cute.  
 And we rode on the bug carousel which was fun.  And strange.  And the talk of the car ride home- why were they bugs?  So fun.  Nolan and I had a really great time.  He was great, didn't mind the ride or the weather and was so so excited about it before and after.  
Aside from seeing friends and enjoying a nice day focusing on Nolan, my favorite part was Nolan excitedly telling Dave all about our day.  It was hilarious, the snippets that were completely accurate but with no back story made for a really funny storytelling. 

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