Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Walker!

So Emily has been taking steps for a few weeks now.  The steps have been either teeny or encouraged.  It's wonderful and exciting to see her doing it but she hasn't been too interested.  She'd rather hold our fingers and walk or push anything (a toy, a book on the floor, a box, etc).  And Monday at the library she stood herself up in the middle of the room and toddled over to the train table, about 6 steps. 
Since then, she's been walking about half the time.  If she's not practicing, then she's just going for it.  I swear it was because she was wearing a tutu that made her start walking but whatever it is, it's fun and she's excited about it. 
Now if we can get her to do anything with shoes on!  The girl seems confused when we put things on her feet, she sits down and looks at her shoes, touches them, tastes them and then works hard to get them off before thrashing about kicking and screaming about the fact that she has shoes on.  Oh Yeah, those have begun already too.

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