Thursday, February 13, 2014


Kids are kid of adorable and pathetic when they are sick.  Here's a photo of Nolan laying in Dave's arms last weekend.  I forgot I snapped this.  It was so rare, nolan in a sweatshirt and socks, laying down for more than half a second.  The kid rarely wears more than one shirt.  It was torture trying to get it on him on this day but he was freezing and burning up all at the same time.
 I love this simultaneous bathtime.  We had lots of baking soda baths for poor Emily and her bummah this week.  And lots of naked time which both kids really love.
 Oh my poor pathetic sickies.  For the record Nolan is feeling much better, back to normal almost.  Emily is still not completely healed but is doing much better and those teeth seem to be coming in which the doctors think are the cause of this awful diaper rash.

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