Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Double Whammy

On Saturday my Wild Thing started acting really strange.  Complaining of leg pain and when I casually suggested he go lay down he did.  That NEVER happens.  Then he curled up into a ball on Dave's lap for like 30 minutes.  We knew this kid was sick.  Like bad sick.  So his fever soared and he lay around crying at little things and then the next morning he was heaving.  Nothing came out since he didn't eat anything but sick.
The next day he acted fine in the morning and back to high fever and lethargic in the afternoon.  Then overnight he called for me to come lay with him (we just don't do that in our house- he's sick) and then a few hours later another call because his tummy hurt.  Some more heaving but not really any vomiting since he had eaten almost nothing in 36 hours.  My poor guy.  
And then this one started up with a terrible terrible diaper rash and sobbing with big fat tears anytime I put her on the changing table.  So I called the pediatrician for BOTH kids and got some random home remedy for diaper rash- maalox, benedryl and baking soda- make a paste.  So I head out to the store in search of maalox (we have baking soda and cherry flavored benedryl at home).  Apparently they no longer sell maalox so I get the generic version of it contemplating whether the mint flavor would be soothing or painful...  I decide on a non-flavored kind and make the paste.  It smells like cherry and seems wrong but I shrug my shoulders and sigh and go for it. I slop it on and wait.  Emily seems to notice something is strange but doesn't cry.  Then she starts crying.  I feed her some food and she doesn't seem to want to sit.  So I decide to give up on this paste and stick her in the tub with baking soda.  Then Dave comes home... and gently suggested that the doctor might have intended me to use benedryl cream...  that makes more sense.  So I ask you this- was I the bonehead to not think it through?  Or should the pediatrician specified to use benedryl topical cream, not the oral liquid...  

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