Friday, January 17, 2014

Video Friday: Practice Makes Perfect

It's crazy to me how quickly Emily has gone from crawling to standing.  In fact, she was standing earlier than she was 'crawling'.  So this practicing or whatever you call it makes me wonder just how soon she's going to walk?  For a while I wondered why she was so interested in the bathroom until I realized this stool must be the perfect height for her to practice standing on her own.  If you need Emily these days she will either be at the bottom of the stairs (those are perfect height too) or at this step letting go and catching her balance.  She can stand without holding on for up to 8 seconds or so.  The other day when she tried standing at her bouncy chair and fell head first into it and couldn't get out.  We heard her grunting and looked over with her feet in the air... that was a funny moment.

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