Sunday, January 5, 2014

North Pole Express Train Ride

A few years ago we took Nolan on a train ride with Santa and he fell asleep.  It was fun but the timing just never seems to line up right for us.  But a friend fell ill and we needed to get out of the house so we took their tickets and rode to the North Pole!
They encourage kids to wear their PJs and serve hot cocoa.  We had an elf as a guide who led us in Christmas caroling and the telling of the night before Christmas.   
 We'd never gone on this ride before and it was after Christmas so we weren't sure if we'd see Santa.  We really had no idea what this would be like.  
 Nolan kept asking if we'd see the big guy and we had no idea.  Suddenly we 'arrived' at the North Pole station and it was all lit up with Christmas lights appearing to be an actual train station and who was there waving to our train?!?!  SANTA!  That was so cool, Nolan was so excited and we were too.  AND THEN we heard Santa was boarding the train!  Look at this kid...
 It's hard to be patient but he was.  It was SO fun to see Nolan's excitement.  
 Santa gave the kids some bells and then the 'sleepyheads' brought us some hot cocoa and Mrs. Claus stopped by and brought us cookies too!  It was a really special night out!  We had a great time.
I think we might need to try to make this one a tradition!

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