Tuesday, January 21, 2014

9 Months Old!

Emily is 9 months old.  And perfect.  She weights 18 lb. 7 oz (54%) and is 28 inches long (62%).  She is 4.5 lbs lighter than Nolan was at this age and 2 inches shorter- we call her our little peanut. She is meeting all the appropriate milestones and is quite funny.  Her personality is coming out and she's a little cookoo-nut and quite feisty.    
 She still has some terrible separation anxiety, I think a large reason for that is we don't have anyone else who is a constant in our lives to help make her comfortable.  She has been struggling with this since about 3 months old (the earliest or pediatrician has ever seen).  This is really hard for us (to get a break, to get out, etc) but when my Mom and Aunt were here for New Years after a few days Emily was happy to be left with them.  That's a great sign.
 She is eating tons, often more than Nolan at meals and as much as Dave and I sometimes.  She is starting to show signs of frustration and even throwing her fork if we're not giving her what she wants.  She can sign for 'more' but doesn't seem completely sure what that means.  I think she might believe 'more' to mean 'more cheerios please' but it's some sort of communication which is awesome.  She can clap her hands and still loves to dance/bob up and down to music.
She loves to roll the ball back and forth and practice standing on her own.  She also loves to follow Nolan around and they are starting to 'play' which is fun and terrifying at the same time.  Nolan loves Emily (most of the time) and has a really sweet 'Emily voice' he uses when he talks to her.  They are getting along swell, so long as Emily is ok with Nolan taking her toy out of her hand.  She has just started to protest this act so I think we're entering into a new phase of 'communication'.  All in all Emily is doing great and is lots of fun!

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