Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Of My Favorite Things

As Nolan gets bigger one of my favorite things is to observe him in a group setting.  I LOVE seeing him sitting on the mat listening to a story at our library class.  I love looking at the back of his little yellow head and seeing his ears.
I love when he speaks out loud to the teacher after she asks a question.  I just love watching him be independent.  There are not tons of opportunities for me to observe him without his knowledge so these moments are precious. 
 Nolan starts a drop-off 'class' on Tuesday.  It's more like a daycare program but I have lots of mixed emotions about this.  I'm thrilled to be getting a little break from him and I am CERTAIN he will enjoy it.  I feel a little guilty about sending him to a class just so I can get a break but keep reminding myself that he's ready and it'll be great for him to prepare for preschool.  Also it'll be super for him to go to after Baby Girl Mattatall arrives in just 7.5 weeks!
In the meantime, I will enjoy these moments when he's leaning back, legs kicked out in front of him, ankles crossed waiting for class to start.  I love these moments.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Working From Home

The day of the snowstorm Dave worked from home.  From our living room.  This was a huge distraction for Nolan.  So here is Nolan counting numbers (or letters) with Daddy.
For a while Nolan was curious what Dave did at work.  I told Nolan that Dave counts his numbers at work (he's a finance/accounting guy).  So that's what Nolan thinks Dave does now, just counts numbers.  Kind of funny, but basically that's what he does, right?   
And now, as Dave puts it, Nolan officially knows more about Microsoft Excel than I do.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Masterpiece

Am I being one of those annoying moms?  Who cares if I am!?  I mean seriously, how awesome is this painting of a monster?  Obvious eyes, nose, teeth, hair, ears and legs with feet and even toes on one foot?  He's the next picasso!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

So there was this snow storm... we got a little bit of snow.
Ok, it was a lot of snow, we're estimating about 30 inches.  It is quite impressive, really, how much snow there is and how beautiful it is (spoken from the one who didn't shovel a single bit of snow). 
 Dave did a stellar job getting all the snow off of our driveway, by shovel, not snowblower.  Nolan did a stellar job playing in the snow, climbing, digging, shoveling and just having a blast.
 We may now refer to him as our little eskimo.  He begged Dave to make a hole for him to put him in.  This is what he looked like (this is the middle of our driveway). 
 He had plenty of lovely snow to eat too.  Then he started burrowing into the snow with his head (note his hat).   This kid LOVES the snow.  Loves it.  Until he gets too cold (today he was out there for probably an hour or so).  When he's ready to go in, there is no stopping him, he starts crying that he's cold, shivering and running to the front door.  
 Below is Dave just beginning the task of digging us out.  What a hero!
 Seriously, when compared to how tall Nolan is, this snowfall is spectacular.  What a storm.  I'm so grateful we didn't lose power.  SO SO grateful.  And that we had hot cocoa.  
It is possible that Nolan likes the snow merely to have hot cocoa to warm up after.  Not a bad plan, my dear, not a bad plan at all.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Mom and Nolan Day

Nolan's behavior has been exceptional lately.  I don't know why, maybe since we 'laid down the law' with his sleeping issues but whatever it was, he's been a true delight to be around.
 So in keeping with 'rewarding great behavior' efforts, we got to go to any museum Nolan wanted.  He picked this one.  It's not my favorite but who cares, this kid was excited to have a special day and seemed to have a blast.
 Sometimes I forget how much fun I have with this kid when he's using great behavior.  And in an effort to get some grown up time in, I often try to make plans with other people.  But wow, this was a fun (and exhausting) day.
 Obviously the post office was his favorite.  He loves 'sorting' the mail and then putting it into the big blue mailbox.  I hope that the post office keeps these mailboxes in existence forever.  I will always think of how much joy it brings Nolan whenever I see one.  
This kid had a great day!  Really Great.  And so did this Mom.  Thank you, Buddy.  I love you!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What A Week Can Do...

What a week it's been.  This kid has been SO awesome lately (please don't let that statement curse the  next week- please).  He's been pleasant, great at naptime and just all around awesome to hang with.  He's been making this hysterical face a lot lately, I think because he knows it makes us laugh.
He'll make this face, then laugh, then go back and say 'mommy, look at my face'.  
 The furrowed brow is my favorite part, well and the seriousness he's required to have to make this face.
 It's even cuter when he's smiling through it.
 My mini goofball.  Thank you so much for an awesome week.  To celebrate we went to a museum today, just the two of us, because he's been behaving so well.  I'm so proud of him.