Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still Life

Nolan has just started drawing things that actually (or somewhat) look like the things he says.  Even when it's a scribble, he'll scribble some eyes and mouth and it is actually looking like eyes and a mouth.
So when he asked me to take out an apple so he could draw it I was shocked to see a circle with a line at the top (or an apple with a stem).  Then he asked for a pear which was more oblong with a line/stem.  Then I took out a banana that was laid on it's side and he drew that too.  
And then he asked for more so I grabbed an onion.  He even drew the roots.  I'm pretty impressed by this sudden skill he's picked up.  He also has been writing letters correctly which is really amazing to watch his development.

Friday, January 25, 2013


The other day we had a picnic.  It was Nolan's idea.  He pulled out some of his friends and I got the food.  He gave each friend a designated food and I must say, the choices were generally well made.  So I ran to get the camera to prove that we have had some very nice times this week.
 Here's Nolan's picture of me.  Not a bad shot for a budding photographer. 
 So Clyde the Gator got some hamburger, the teeny tiny dino got red pepper, Harry the frog got watermelon and I got some bread (no butter).
 Both Nolan and Pingo the penguin got ice cream cones.  Nolan's flavor is 'chocolate covered mouses' which seems to be a favorite made-up flavor of his lately.  I have no idea where he made up that flavor ice cream but it's creative and gross at the same time. 
 Pingo and his Ice Cream.
 And the train got a potato.  I am not sure how this came about, it was an afterthought but kind of funny.  
 So everyone had a nice picnic.  It was a lovely reminder that the weather will get warm again and we can perhaps have a picnic outside some day.  That day seems so far away with temperatures in the single digits the past few days.

And Congratulations to Jenn and Ryan on the birth of their early but healthy baby girl Simone Madeline.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pictureless Post

I don't really know what to say.  It's been a rough go of things with dear sweet Nolan these days. I wish I could show you pictures of great things we've done lately, we really have done some wonderful things, but really I can't see through my fury some days, let alone take pictures.  This kid is going to be my undoing.

When something he does two times a day brings twisted mind games and awful bad behavior, it can make for some really rough days.  So just think positive thoughts and get through it.  A dear friend said 'If it's not easy, you're doing it right'.  I'm not sure I'm doing it 'right' but I hope I'm doing most things right.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


We got a little snow yesterday.  And Nolan was patient.  He sat in the sled for a while, just watching Dave shovel, waiting for Dave to be done.
It was kind of funny to look outside and see Nolan just sitting.  Waiting. 
 Once Dave was finished shoveling, they got some sledding in!  Nolan loved it.
 Even when he fell out of the sled, face first again, in the snow.
 And then Dave 'fell' too which just made Nolan laugh hysterically.  Me too.  It was really funny to see the boys playing together.  (I wish you could see this better but it's Dave and Nolan both laying in the snow).  Nolan was very disturbed by the snow on Dave's face and brushed it off for Dave.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is he back? Or am I just lucky?

Dave had Sunday off.  The first day he's had off since he went back to work on January 2nd.  It's been a heck of a few weeks.  And this kid really missed his Dad.  One night he was even crying saying 'where's Daddy?  When's Daddy coming home?'  Right now, it seems that Dad is his favorite.  So when Dad's not around, all hell breaks loose, I guess.
So could it be possible that after only one day of Dad being home and spending time with Nolan that now he's back to normal?  Taking good naps and eating well?  Great behavior, fun loving and in general a good little boy?  Or is it that I finally got a break from parenting enough to have a new perspective and enjoy this little fella even more?  Whatever it is, last night was another solo night, just me and Nolan.  We had a really great day, where he played by himself when he needed to, when he listened, walked calmly when we toured a preschool and asked/begged to have lunch at noon (on the dot) after picking out pjs and sitting on the potty and washing hands ALL BY HIMSELF and fell asleep for an easy nap!
At dinner he ate ALL of his dinner- chicken, broccoli, hummus and carrots and fruit and then asked for more.  I had some goat cheese and crackers with dinner (forgot to cook a starch) and Nolan wanted to try some.  Keeping in mind the first time he tried feta he cried, I was cautious.  But he was really excited to try using the Santa cheese knife I was using with the goat cheese.  So here are some pictures, of my dear child, being an angel, while eating goat cheese spread on everything crackers.  AND he liked it!  I was so proud!  I'm pretty sure Dave wouldn't have eaten that!  

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Let me start out by saying, I LOVE this kid.  He is so fun and bring so so much joy to my life in ways I never knew were imaginable.  He is also a toddler, which means he is also outrageously frustrating. I am not what one might consider a 'flexible' or 'easy-going' person.  I wish I were.  I know there are benefits to it, I'm just not wired that way.

Parenting is a challenge for me for the many reasons that parenting is challenging to all parents but also in the fact that I'm not flexible or easy-going.  I am trying hard to raise a mindful, responsible, fun-loving child who behaves, treats people nicely and follows the rules.  That last one is hard.  He doesn't follow the rules.  And it drives me crazy.  I have friends who's children don't follow the rules and while they seem like really cool parents, their kids are crazy, off-the-wall, badly behaved (in my opinion) children.  But the parents seem really laid-back!  As an adult, I follow the rules, maybe a little too much.

So days like this when Nolan didn't follow the rules (refused time out and then hit me) and then in response I didn't follow the rules (yelled at him, slammed a door and yelled some more: I had a tantrum) I feel like it's an utter fail.  If you look at my report card of parenting for today it would have a big red F on it.  And let me tell you, it feels really awful.  Really awful.

That coupled with Nolan's will of refusing a nap (keeping in mind, it's a willful refusal, not that he's not tired) has made this past week (of parenting solo every night and over the weekend) a real challenge for me.  A challenge not only in that I don't seem to relax as well as I do when he's napping but also that there seems to be a change-up to his routine/behavior to which I am not flexible or mentally prepared for.  He's been playing this really annoying 'game' when it's time to sleep, not laying down and being tucked in but after fair warning we leave his room without tucking him in he freaks out, screaming, crying, jumping on his bed.  If we go back in, he calms down and the game is over.  If we don't, he screams and cries for a long time.

So, today is a fail.  Yesterday was not.  Yesterday and the day before and the day before were all really lovely days.  But somehow I can't remember that.  We are all a work in progress.  And our own worst critics.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Painting: Rainbow

Nolan really enjoyed painting on his easel.  Here he is, trying out the colors.  He's clearly excited about the different colors.
He is a two handed painter, we still can't tell if he's a righty or lefty.  So with painting he has a brunch in each hand, creating beautiful artwork.
The painting lasted about 4 minutes, which is good, really.  Now we have some better paper to use so I expect this to be a more frequent activity.  He really enjoys all of the features of this easel, to use magnets, chalk, paint, color, etc.  He's a fan.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Hygiene

Nail clipping has always been a production for us, when he was little we'd have to forcibly hold him down.  Then we got a puppet who held his little fingers and toes while I clipped.
And then all of a sudden, he was totally fine with us clipping his nails, as long as he got a turn with the nail trimmers.   
 Then he started actually making the trimmers work and actually cut my nail.  
Now Dad does most of the nail trimming.  So my nails don't get hacked to shreds.  And besides, Dave's got longer arms!  I can't sit like that and reach his feet! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Little Eskimo

This kid LOVES snow!  It's so fun!  He had a blast riding around in the sled.
And even when it tipped over and he face planted right into the snow, he just laughed and laughed. 
 Even when it happened several more times, he just took it like a tough guy.
 So after 20 minutes of coaxing, Dave finally got this guy to come inside from the snow.  He LOVES it.  We were outside again today, in the lovely 45 degree weather, he loved making snow angels and smashing snowballs in the road.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bubbles and Shower

Nolan got some great new bathtime stuff, namely bubbles and a shower.  He LOVES bubble baths, doesn't every kid?  But bubble baths are special, not the every-time bath.  
 And he's a big fan of the shower so we thought it'd be fun to give him a manual shower, he pumps a button and water squirts him in a shower-type fashion.  He enjoys this too, though I wish there was a way to aim the spout in a different direction rather than directly in the face of the pump pusher.  
 Regardless, this kid has had some serious fun in the bathtub lately.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year- and Catching Up On Last Year

Happy New Year.  I didn't make any resolutions this year.  Well none to take very seriously- I resolve to lose weight (in April with I birth this baby).  I resolve to sleep less (in April-May).  That's about as far as I got.  :)  We rang in the new year by having a monumentally typical day and night.  It was lovely.
Here's another one of Nolan's favorite gifts from Christmas- an easel!  We thought with his sweater vest and chalkboard he looked a bit like a professor.   
 We did a little bit of painting on the easel too but the chalk was what was the most fun on Christmas.  
Here I think he is teaching us how to use the eraser!  Thank you, Professor Nolan!