Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nolan's Christmas Concert

Nolan had his first Christmas Concert today.  I could tell he was super nervous and embarrassed but also very very excited.  He was bouncing around all morning and was thrilled Dad was going too.  He was the VERY first person to walk into the room which must have been overwhelming but his teacher was right there to help with the songs etc.
 It's a church preschool so the concert started off with a prayer.  Here's Nolan praying- doesn't he look so peaceful?  That's sweet.  
 He sang the songs or at least mouthed the words and did most of the hand motions. At one point he looked like he was going to lose it, start crying.  Another little girl started crying and I could see his sympathy coming out but the teacher distracted him and he held it together.
 Notice his red cheeks?  That's nerves.  I get them too.  He did great, we were so proud of him and it was SO cute to watch.  
I just love this kid!

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