Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gingerbread House

The very first year that I hosted Christmas in 2003 I forced my parents and Grampa into making a gingerbread house.  It was a disaster.  The roof slid off, there was frosting everywhere, my parents whined and complained (all in a joking manner), my grampa was eating the roof but this was my tradition and damn it they were going to partake.  Fast forward to the next year when I actually read the directions so the house could withstand the candy but was nearly inedible (much to my Grampa disapproval). There was a lot of razzing and laughing and a mess but very fun.  I forced people to do something similar for the next several years and then we had Nolan.  The past few years with Nolan we've made gingerbread people to decorate and this was the first year I did a house with him.  It was really an awesome day and a beautiful memory I get to store away for years.  It was nearly perfect.

 Here we are constructing the house... notice Nolan's apron.  He didn't want to wear the chef's hat but did wear it for a brief moment.
And this is the finished product.  Nolan did a great job with very little direction from me.  I was really impressed with how much he seemed to notice/remember from the houses we saw, like the chimney and lining the edges of the roof with candy.  He did a wonderful job, I loved this project with him.  Except for how absolutely NUTS he was because he ate so much candy but otherwise it was a really special day for me.     

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