Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Big Helper

 Nolan is an excellent helper.  He loves to help which is great and time consuming all at the same time.  Lately he's been very interested in washing dishes and I let him go to town.  Here he is washing is cereal bowl from breakfast.
Please notice the towel he's placed on teh counter between the sink and himself.  He did this so his pjs don't get wet.  While this isn't the best way to conserve water, it's wonderful that he likes to help.  He also loves to help dust and use the swiffer to clean the floors.  He loves brooming (or sweeping as we call it) and is getting more and more comfortable using the vacuum.  All in all he's a great little helper when he's in the mood.   
So we've jumped on this and we've given him a chore.  Every week his job is to collect the garbage from the office and both bathrooms.  He will get a coin to put in his piggy bank.  During his first go at it he negotiated 5 coins.  Smart boy!  Of course, he doesn't know (or care) that they are worth different amounts or even what 'worth' means.

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