Monday, November 18, 2013

Seven Months Old!

Where do I even start?  Emily is 7 months old.  Wow, there have been lots of changes this month but mostly to her eating.  She's still happy, even happier at this age.  She continues to nap every day twice, mostly for 45 minutes but sometimes for longer.  She likes to play, laugh and has a cute, almost shy, personality.  Her behavior around other people is good, improving.  She's let other people hold her and while she doesn't seem to love it, she isn't wailing either.  And she's eating.  Eating lots.  On Saturday she ate more dinner than Nolan did, we had spinach and artichoke stuffed shells.  
I've been following the method called Baby Led Weaning except I can't actually say that I do it since I started Emily on purees and can't seem to get her off the purees.  The idea of BLW is to skip the purees and just give your baby food that is safe and let them learn to feed themselves.  No spoons, no purees and easy for the parent.  Purees were a breeze when we had just Nolan because it was just Nolan.   But with Emily it means that I make Nolan his lunch, me my lunch and Emily gets her lunch.  When her lunch was pureed, I just couldn't get it all ready in time and she'd be too hungry and wolf down the puree and then vomit half of it because she was frantic eating.  Now I toss some food on her tray and let her go to town while I get Nolan's lunch out and mine too.  She's eating purees and solid foods.  
For breakfast she typically has oatmeal cereal/puree with some mixed in grownup (cooked) oatmeal and either chopped bananas or hard boiled egg yolk and some pureed fruit (sometimes mixed with yogurt).  For lunch she has some sweet potato puree with chopped up chicken and a protein pancake or zucchini mini muffin.  For dinner we've been making some oatmeal bars, store-bought babyfood with chicken or turkey in it and some baby cereal with something chunky in it.  And if she joins us at our dinner we'll put some food on her tray or give her some crusty bread  to chew on or food Nolan has discarded.  

She eats a lot more slowly and less franticly (read: not screaming, arms flailing and grunting) when it has textures, when she has to chew it.  She's capable of getting the food from her tray into her mouth which is really amazing to watch.  She seems interested in the food we're eating and I'm not so worried about giving it to her.  We made grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches last week.  Nolan nibbled two bites and Emily ate 1/4 of the sandwich.  

She just started getting herself into a crawling position. She reaches for toys and can move herself around on her belly, between rolling and reaching she can move around.  She loves toys with music and songs that go when you press a button.  She puts everything in her mouth.  She doesn't have any teeth yet and enjoys standing.  She doesn't bounce in the bouncer.  She doesn't seem very interested in books but is wildly interested in everything around her which makes for some tough times nursing.  She can yell and shrieks pretty loudly too!

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