Thursday, November 21, 2013

Really Nice Day

A few days ago we had some really nice weather so we went outside to play.  It was lovely.
Emily got some good playing time in, outdoors and Nolan got some running and playing in.  I tried to convince him that kicking (hard) the beach ball wasn't a great idea but he wouldn't listen (sigh). 
 So he was really upset when he deliberately kicked it into the rose bush and it got a hole in it.  Poor kid.
 He got over it quickly and did some raking.  He made a pile under the slide but prefers to jump from the top of the slide into the leaves rather than sliding into the leaves.  And Emily just likes to eat the leaves.
 This boy loves being outside.  Lucky for him, Emily loves to watch the trees and leaves so it worked out well.
 A great way to spend a morning.

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