Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mice Are Away

While the boys were out trick or treating, Emily and I gave out candy.  Unfortunately we only had 3 sets of trick or treaters so we had a giant bowl of candy leftover.
And Emily helped herself.  She is so grabby and mouthy right now it's funny and scary.  We are trying hard to keep the little toys out of her reach but she seems to be working on crawling.  She'll spot a toy out of reach and lean over, reach for it, tumble onto her face and roll around until she can get it to it.  She's trying to get onto her hands and knees and yesterday was working so hard to pull herself up on something.  It takes a long time to get the coordination and strength but this little one is determined.
So after she grabbed candy from the bowl two times while I was giving it out, I just put it in front of her.  I approve of her choices- chocolate goldfish and kit kats.  

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