Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving just our family unit.  It was strange not being surrounded by family but at the same time it was a lot of fun to focus on making this holiday a special one for Nolan since he is starting to understand that holidays are special days.  So we started the day off with some pumpkin waffles that I pre-made the night before.  They were very good, the recipe made just enough, everyone liked them, there was little to clean up after and it felt a little special.
 Next we watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade which was really fun.  Nolan was very interested and Emily was wildly excited about watching the dance numbers.  I was weepy at how special this felt, all of us watching the parade just as I remembered doing when I was little.  I loved the big balloons and shed a tear when they made the big announcement that the balloons WOULD be flying this year.  After the parade I made a scavenger hunt for Nolan to do.  I wanted to get him outside if only for a little bit.  The 'something soft' thing he found was our neighbors dog and the something beautiful he declared was our family (with a little bit of help from me after walking around the yard a few times searching for flowers).  This is the stick he chose and decided it looked like a reindeer's antlers.
 After lunch and naps we made turkey headbands to wear at dinner.  THIS was awesome.  Nolan seemed to love it and even complimented me in the manner that I organized the craft.  We made one for each of us, even Emily.
 And here was our attempt at a family portrait with the headbands on (while balancing the camera on top of a wine glass).
 And the obligatory turkey leg photos...  Emily ate a TON of food but did not eat any of the turkey leg.  She preferred the mashed potatoes with a bit of turkey hidden in there.  And she liked the stuffing too but preferred the mashed potatoes. 
 Nolan did not eat any turkey leg either.  And he had to be bribed to eat any of his dinner except for teeny little forks of mashed potatoes.  Please note the very special drinks in very special glasses for big boy- sparkling cranberry apple juice.  He did not like it, sadly, but was the first to cheers and say Happy Thanksgiving which I totally loved.
 This is how Emily at most of her meal, I'd scoop up the food on a spork and hand it to her.  she'd figure out how to get the food off and eat it, which gave me a few moments to eat my own dinner before she'd start asking (grunting, kicking and flailing her arms) for more.
After dinner we ate the apple pie that Nolan and I made.  It's funny because I don't really like Thanksgiving food/meal.  And growing up I loved to help make the apple pie but I don't actually enjoy eating the apple pie either.  But I love to eat the raw apples coated in cinnamon and sugar.  I asked Dave if he wanted me to make a pie and he said no but Nolan came home from preschool one day declaring he was excited about thanksgiving to eat apple pie.  So Dave and I shrugged and said 'I guess we're making pie'. Nolan helped make it.  It was so special for me to make it with him. Surprisingly (or not really) he did not want to eat the sugar coated apples, but did eat the raw flour off of the counter...  So after our dinner we cut a piece of pie for Nolan and he did not want to eat it.  After encouraging him to try it he did and declared that he did not like it- I get it, little buddy. I get it.  
All in all it was a really super thanksgiving.  A different, small, laid back, wonderfully kid-focused thanksgiving.  It was a really lovely day.

OH!  And Emily crawled!  More on that tomorrow!

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