Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Different Kids/ Different Play

Oh these two are different.  While Emily seems perfectly content munching on whatever she can get her hands and or mouth on (including eating the carpet), Nolan does not.
He prefers to want to play with whatever she is munching on.  Or just sitting begging me to play with him-even when I am sitting waiting for him to play with ANY toy we own except for the one Emily is gumming at that very moment.  It is agonizing that every day he wants less and less to do with his toys, even to the point I've considered removing every toy except a handful from our playroom to see if he is overwhelmed with the options.  But really, I think he just prefers to interact with people over playing with toys.
And then we have a break through.  We find something that occupies his time and it's hard to convince him to do something else.  I got these paint pages where you use water to activate the paints on the top of the page and then paint the page.  HE LOVED IT.  And he did about 10 before he started to wear down his interest.  
So what's the deal?  Is he bored with his toys?  Does he just want attention?  What can we do to get him to play independently?  Ever? Last weekend we pleaded with and begged him to play by himself all morning.  He instead followed us around, moped, jumped around, took toys away from Emily and followed us around some more then when it was time for nap he was playing perfectly happily in a separate room.  It lasted about 20 minutes which was amazing.  Is there something we can do to make him play by himself better?

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