Monday, November 4, 2013

Build a Bear

Nolan has been doing a great job at bedtime lately.  His behavior has been great but you can really see when the wheels start to come off.  He acts crazy, stops listening, runs around the house,and is just overall a handful.  We decided we needed to do something special for him.  Something a little out of the ordinary, not the same weekend routine.  After thinking out several ideas, we decided to bring him to Build-a-bear to make his own special pal.
We already have tons of stuffed friends in the house but lately he just hasn't really been into them.  I thought he'd really enjoy creating his own, seeing how it gets made, putting the stuffing into the bear and sewing him up and making his really special.  I was right (oh, I love saying that).  He LOVED it.  He was really overwhelmed at first.  After guiding him away from a Sponge Bob Squarepants, he picked a basic light brown bear and decided to name him Spiderman.  He also picked a beating heart to insert into his body which is really cool. After Spiderman got stuffed and sewed Nolan washed him in a little tub, brushed his fur and picked an outfit for him.  Then we tried to get out of that store not buying anything else (a real accomplishment!)
Spiderman came home in an awesome little box that looks like a house.  Nolan was so excited about Spiderman that while carrying him to the car from the store he would peer into his house to check on him. Nolan also insisted that Spiderman come into the restaurant for lunch with us.   Spiderman slept in the box house in the living room during naptime.  After naptime Spiderman was dressed and undressed no less than 8 times and was introduced to all of the other special friends in our house (Nolan ran upstairs and gathered all his pals and sat them around the propped up Spiderman to meet.  Even Rupert, Nolan's other bear was invited to hang out in the box house since they are about the same size!  Spiderman has tried on some of Emily's clothes (but they are too big for him) so a pair of PJs will be arriving via mail soon for this guy too.  At any rate, Spiderman is a hit.  He's a sweet looking bear, super soft and Nolan seems to really really love him.  I'm so happy.

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