Monday, November 25, 2013

Bath Monster

Wow.  What an awesome weekend!  Of course there are no pictures of all we did so I'll just give you the highlights.  First, we discovered this little monster got a tooth!  It felt a little sharp on November 23 but for sure the next day we felt it.   
On Friday Nolan and Dave went to the Princess and Pirate event at the XL center.  It was fun for them to do something together and Nolan did great.  He loved it, wore his costume and despite Dave's hopes, Nolan did not want to eat anything at the show (they even had beer available but Nolan said no- what else is new, the kid just doesn't care about eating!).  

While Nolan and Dave were out Emily and I did some shopping and I bought her some new clothes.  She's hovering in this size for longer than I expected and she's getting easier so I got a few cute outfits.  Some babydoll shirts and leggings and a Christmas dress (oh it is so cute).  It was fun to shop with her, people were walking into things trying to coo at her and over and over I got told how cute she is.  It's funny because I don't shop with Emily very much, not like I did with Nolan because it's so hard to get anywhere with the both of them and rarely I have solo time with her.  It was so fun!

Saturday we had a lot of errands and trading off the kids to get stuff done and a birthday party.  Sunday was COLD and we didn't do anything which was so nice.  We hung at home, watched football and cleared out the garage so Dave can park inside.

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