Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It's so hard not to compare two kids.  I mean, they have the same parents so you'd think they'd be similar.  So in some ways we're grateful they are different.  Emily plays better than Nolan did.  Nolan napped better than Emily did.  Emily sleeps at night WAY better than Nolan did.  Nolan was more crazy/goofy than Emily is.  Emily does some giggling but mostly is a single deep intake that sounds like a laugh.
 And now that this girl is napping she seems a WHOLE lot happier.  This morning she giggled a few times which was very very funny because it was simply because I walked into the room.  We weren't dancing or jumping around (things that generally make her chuckle), it was self-induced.
So we're figuring things out. The evenings are tough and we're trying to smooth them out but all in all things are feeling ok.  Things are looking upward.  Things are feeling positive.  Let's keep this drive going!

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