Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Here is my Trunk.  It's a lot of work to bring the kids off somewhere to eat, supplies, decorate etc.  I had all intentions of bringing the orange blanket to make it more 'halloweeny' but I couldn't find it.  Oh well.
So there's our pirate pumpkin Nolan and I made (Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin decorating- super cute, easy as pie).  And here's Emily munching on an apple, banana pancake one of the moms gave out as a 'treat'.   
 She munched on that and pizza crust most of the two hours we were there.  Happy as can be, gumming away on that stuff.  And what was Nolan doing?  Running.  Everywhere.  First he found a ball and kicked it chasing after it for about a mile.  Then he discovered the giant leaf pile.  
 He looks a bit like an alligator in this photo below, doesn't he?  An Alligator Knight.  He was running through the leaves having such a great time that it ended up being a giant leaf fight.
Kids ampped up on sugar throwing leaves at each other-seems like a great idea.  There was lots of laughing, lots of leaves ingested, lots of pushing and lots of parents yelling.  All a really great sign of an excellent time had.

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