Friday, October 4, 2013

The End of This Week

Is she flipping me off?  It feels like it some days
 So this week we've come to a complete 180.  Thank God.  Our family has found a rhythm that works.  Emily has taken at least 2 naps every day and one nap was even 75 minutes!  She is so much happier.  She sits up now, loves playing with toys and putting things in her mouth.  It does seem like every single hour Emily has some need but for right now, BUT if she is happy, I can handle it.  And life feels a million times better than it did last weekend.
This week we kept our life as simple as we could.  I do not normally put headbands on Emily's head.  it seems like it's just one more thing to 'deal' with.  So you can judge whether or not we're having a good day/time based on if she's wearing a dress and/or headband.  As for right now, we're trying to keep things as easy as possible (onesie and pants, no accessories (including socks).  Have you ever tried to hold a soft wiggley baby wearing a dress?  Yeah, it's not easy.

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