Tuesday, October 29, 2013


One of the toys we bought for Emily is a picnic basket.  This is a really cute toy for anyone to enjoy.  While it's pink and purple, it should be more primary because Nolan really enjoys to set up the picnics too.  At any rate, Emily seems to enjoy when Nolan arranges for a picnic.
It was so cute how he set up the laughing penguin (a favorite toy with Emily as well as Nolan) and Emily to enjoy a picnic.  What is really fun is Emily will sometimes laugh and giggle at sounds toys make- something Nolan never did.  So when the penguin makes the sound as if he's falling then laughing it can get Emily giggling which is so much fun.   
And whenever penguin is having a picnic with Emily he doesn't steal her food like her big brother does.  She loves that kid no matter what he does.

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