Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun for Everyone

It thrills me that the very first toy I bought Nolan is one that they both seem to enjoy.  What thrills me even more is that it's a book.  We read a LOT less to Emily than we did to Nolan.  And we read a lot less to Nolan now that we did before Emily came along. 
So when we find Nolan like this, it makes me feel really happy that he loves books as much as we do.  And yes, that's a headlamp.  The kid loves his headlamp.  I won't be surprised if he uses that headlamp his whole life.  If your toddler doesn't have a headlamp, may I suggest one for you.  I've heard it's awesome for nighttime walks.  For fun on a rainy day.  Fun for when the power goes out.   Fun to wear when a worker comes to the house to help out. Fun to use with tools.  Fun for all.   
And yes, they are playing with the same toy in these photos.  I almost always need to remind Nolan that the toys Emily is playing with are not to be grabbed out of her hands while she is holding them.  He seems to be more interested in the stacking cups than his cars these days.  That's ok.  Just wait until she can start crawling.  Brawls will ensue.

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