Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday again, already?

God, these weeks fly by.  This week was exceptionally crazy for me.  Doctor appointments and events and activities and tech issues leave me feeling TIRED.  Unfortunately for this guy it doesn't. 
While we have been blessed with a really superb sleeper, I always assumed it was based on how much/fast/erratic he moves when he's not sleeping, it also is a little bit of a curse.  You see, he's 3.5 years old now and most days he still takes at least a 2 hour nap.  Sometimes I'm even waking him up at 4pm.  This sounds awesome, right? 
 WRONG.  Most nights he's not falling asleep until 9pm or sometimes even later.  We pushed back his bedtime to 8pm but even still he flops around in bed (or drives us insane coming out of his room 10+ times a night).  He also plays toddler games- 'I don't want to be tucked in' and as you shrug and say okay, he freaks the hell out until you either a) let him scream, pound, slam, wail, sob until 9pm or b) you go back to him and tuck him in resulting in a generally quiet bedtime (except for the multiple times getting out of bed).
This kid is so strong and has so much energy that he pulled this wagon with all pumpkins on it the entire way through the pumpkin patch and to our car.
 For a while we've been trying different things to make bedtime less stressful and have less meltdowns.  We've tried taking a hard stance on rules which resulted in lots of tears, crying, holding a door shut, screaming under the door etc.  We've tried just going with the flow and doing whatever he wants when he wants it.  All options just don't work.  It all sucks.  It has been about a full year that bedtime is absolute hell in our house.  It sucks.  We hate it.  We don't know what to do.  
view from our car to the pumpkin patch evidencing how far Nolan pulled that heavy wagon
Except the nap.  We haven't addressed the length of his nap.  Do you know how damn hard it is to cut back on my downtime (which is, on a good day, 60 minutes) and wake this kid up earlier from his nap?  Because that's what we think he needs, less nap.  I don't think he's ready for no nap since he goes to naptime willingly and easily, I do think he is still tired.  But his nap needs to be shorter.  

Who would have ever thought it would come to this?  I wish I could teach Emily how to nap.  At this point Nolan and Emily get about the same amount of sleep.  Emily should be getting 4 hours more than Nolan.  She doesn't.  In fact most days her two naps are fewer minutes than his one nap.

Sigh, we need to do something about this and it's not fun.

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