Friday, September 27, 2013

Video Friday: Sicki-poo

Emily had her first cold this week.  I forgot how gross a runny nose can be on a baby.  The worst part: she lost her voice.  Yes, my 5 month old lost her voice and squeeked for a few days.  Doctors say it was just a virus.  She is still sick but her voice is coming back and she seems to be feeling better.  On the up-side this illness seemed to help us establish a routine since she slept like a champ this week!  Well, truly she has two routines depending on whether she sleeps for 45 minutes or 2 hours at her first nap.  She is also having a bottle between 1-2 pm.  We've been able to use pumped milk but sooner or later we'll have to switch over to formula.  She's doing great, eating food and playing really well.  She seems to play more independently than Nolan does already!  She is SO different from him, it's kind of amazing.  I consider her a lot easier than him.  She's calm, will sit in my lap and just chill.  Nolan always wanted to be bouncing and moving.  Nolan was also a very early sitter (before 5 months) and crawler so watching Emily sit in a bumbo seat or play on her belly is fun!  

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