Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nolan's First Day of Pre-School

The short story: today was Nolan's first day of Pre-School.  He did great.  I knew he would.  He's adaptable and easy going.  It's fun to see him getting 'ready' for school.  He will absolutely love school.  I am not at all worried about that.

Ok, so here's the truth/long story.  Today was one of those days I wish I could curl up in my pjs and go back to bed.  I don't often feel this way but I absolutely and totally give up for today.  Here's how it went down.  

I woke up early today to be on the ball for Nolan's first day of school.  Yesterday we picked out his clothes, made a chart of all the things he needed to do before school that he could check off.  We talked excitedly about his day and what he'd need to do. 
He woke up and took a bath, put on his clothes, but wanted to change his shirt so plaid shorts and a striped shirt, sure, whatever.  He loves this combo by the way.  On to breakfast... after 50 minutes of waiting for him to eat his breakfast, me telling him to eat and him saying no, then staring at me, I lost it and tossed it into the sink and yelled at him.  He started crying and asked if he could check off breakfast from his chart (um, no, he can not).  We hugged it out, I apologized for yelling and we did a mulligan.  He got new cereal, I calmed down.  He ate his cereal very quickly (record time) and at 8:20 we were back on track for his big day, took pictures, brushed his teeth and off we go.  
Drop off was fine, he was fine.  I had no worry or concern and after last night (don't even ask) and this morning I was ready to hand him off for some time, if for only one hour.  Pickup was great (he didn't beg to stay with the teachers) and home we went.  From the car refused to bring in his backpack, we come inside and he is begging me to play while I was feeding Emily.  Then he decides he wants to play with the most complicated toy to put together that we own.  Emily is crying and I finally figure out how all the parts go together so he can play with it.  Then he plays for 10 minutes while I try to get Emily asleep (unsuccessfully).  He threatens to walk into her room and I say 'no'.  Then I tell him to go downstairs to play so I can pat her back and try to get her to sleep and he says no.  I tell him to go to timeout, he says no again.  We walk to his room and he pulls the door so I can't close it.  I tell him he's now got timeout for 10 minutes.  Then he hits me (closed fist punch) so I grab him and shout at him that we don't hit people and that now timeout is 15 minutes.  He lays in his bed (I'm watching in the monitor) and then sits up, looking at his crotch and the bed... he had an accident in his bed.  SIGH.
Please note, I did not dress him.  This is what he chose to wear. 
So I get him into the bathroom and into new clothes and put him back in timeout.  He takes off his sheets while in timeout and I give up on Emily's nap.  I put her in the exersaucer and get him out of time out and call Dave for moral support.  He's giving it to me while Nolan is shoving Emily because she's playing with the exersaucer toy that he wants to play with.  He keeps taking her hands off the toy and shoving her.  So I say 'NO' at him and decide I need to go for a walk and these kids need to be strapped into something with cars speeding by so I can tune them out.  It's only 11:10 at this point.  I get my shoes on, tell Nolan to get his on (and he does quickly!) and then go to grab Emily and realiz
e she had a blow out, and of course she's wearing a white onesie.  
I try to take off the onesie without spreading more mess all over her but I can't.  She's a mess.  So we give her a bath and I scrub the onesie (second white one she's blown out in this week- and it is only Tuesday).  I start laundry and head upstairs, it's now 11:45 and raining so forget about my walk, let's have lunch early and let's try Emily for a nap.

SO Emily sleeps and Nolan has a quick lunch and we get to READ BOOKS together - so so nice to have some time with the boy!  Then off to nap for him and just as he's in bed, tucked in etc, she wakes up and wants to eat.  

So needless to say, I earned a cookie today.  And we don't have any!

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  1. I love reading your blog. That's life, isn't it? Shit happens - usually in a white onesie, and right up to the neck ;-) I love Nolan's backpack....