Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little Bunny On The Move

I've heard about kids rolling across rooms but Nolan wasn't a roller.  He could roll but for some reason, perhaps the following moving steps came in fast succession, he didn't.
Emily however rolls across the floor at sometimes a rapid pace.  So here in the forefront of the photo is the mat she was playing on and by the sliding glass door is where she ends up.  She rolls in either direction and sometimes over toys.  
This all seems to be moving very quickly!  While looking back at Nolan's milestones we discovered he was sitting by himself just before 5 months old.  That seems crazy but he was an early sitter, for sure.  Wonder how Emily will compare.  We think she's getting a tooth, she makes some very silly sounds with her mouth and we both think we can feel something in there.  But it's not certain yet.  Stay tuned!

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