Friday, August 16, 2013

Video Friday: More Golf

What a summer! Nolan's been at camp and Emily and I are just enjoying some downtime.  I know Nolan doesn't go to 'school' but it feels SO much like 'back to school' time.  We got Nolan a new backpack for preschool but I think he's forgotten about it.  We won't buy him any new clothes since he has a dresser full of fantastic clothes so really he doesn't need anything for school except a new pair of shoes but the air is cooler and dry (thank you mother nature!) and we're off to NH next week and then Gramma is visiting the week after and then pre-school starts!  

It's exciting and a little sad/crazy that Nolan is going to pre-school.  He's off to somewhere that I don't know what happens.  I need to rely on him to tell me what is going on and based on the story he told me about him getting bit (which it turns out was just pinched) I'm not sure we can rely on much he tells us.  At any rate, I'm excited and sad and nervous and amazed.  He's going to preschool.  Wow.  

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