Saturday, August 24, 2013


We went on vacation.  Whew, vacations are exhausting, packing and planning etc.  Nolan was a big help keeping an eye on Emily.  They did great in the car ride, considering it was 4 hours each way.  There were moments that were not ideal  but overall they were good in the car!
Emily liked to start the trip off right with a little sitting in the chair and some cool refreshments.   There were lots of big happenings on this trip.  It was relaxing to have some extra sets of hands, even if Emily wasn't the happiest camper when Dave and I both left the area/room.  But finally on the last day Nana got some nice snuggles from Emily.
 And Nolan could not decide what he was most excited to do.  He had a really really awesome trip to visit Nana and Gaga.  Really awesome.  Stay tuned for some fun filled photos.  

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