Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oh Second Child

Oh Sweetie, I'm sorry we didn't get a picture of you snoozing in your cabana on your very first trip to the beach.  It wasn't because I wasn't so excited about this milestone, but rather that when you do anything with two kids you have to plan a lot and bring a LOT of stuff.  The camera was one item I remembered in the middle of the night (no, not while I was up feeding you but while I was up wondering when you'd wake up for me to feed you).  

We had an awesome trip to Hammonasett Beach on Friday.  Dave took the day off so we could go. I don't know if I've EVER been to this beach but i twas lovely.  The beach was short (ideal for a family) with not too much sand between the entrance and the water.  The sand was rough but had lots of pebbles and shells and rocks (to decorate castles with).  Nolan had a great time, brought some sand toys, some trucks, his kite and football. All were perfect.  Emily ate well on the beach and took a little snooze.  Amazing.  What a wonderful day.  

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