Saturday, August 17, 2013

Four Months Old

Emily is four months old.  Wow.  She is a completely different girl from the baby I whimpered about three months ago.  She rarely screams anymore and all she needs is some goofing around from Nolan to give big smiles and laughs.  She has a single HA laugh which is awesome.  She seems really close to rolling from her back to her front.  She's been sleeping through the night* since our awful attempt at sleep training one month ago.  I put an asterisk because while I no longer feed her in the middle of the night, we get up between 1-4 times at night to reinsert the darn pacifier, though sometimes only once at 5am.  This binky-madness must end.  
 While I'm thrilled our wake-ups can conceivably be quick, I often end up being awake for an hour after each pacifier reinsert which means I'm not sleeping well.  And since her naps last only between 30-45 minutes in her crib unless I run in to hold her and get her back to sleep for another 30-45 minutes I'm not getting mid-day nap either so I'M TIRED.  (ok, enough about me, back to her)
 Emily has been swimming a few times and seems to enjoy that.  She has been everywhere in every kind of baby carrier I think has ever been created.  She LOVES to look around and watch what's going on, just like Nolan does/did.  But I see huge differences between Emily and what I think Nolan was doing at this time.  Emily seems gentler.  She seems to have softer movements, when (if I remember correctly) Nolan was bopping/swatting at the toys on the playmat, Emily reaches up slowly and holds it, turning it in her hand looking at it.  She seems a little bit dainty, her little hands seem so sweet and delicate compared to Nolan's big paws.  She seems to really enjoy looking at the trees when the wind blows and being outside.  If she's fussy in the evenings we sit outside and she sometimes calms down.
Oh, and she's discovered she has a tongue.  She sticks it out about as much as it's not sticking out which is just so funny!  She puts everything in her mouth, most often her hands but she's been putting toys in her mouth too.  She likes her toys too. She has one particular toy, a bug, that she really seems to prefer.  And she also seems to prefer/enjoy a little satin blanket that we use for in the car.  She's a sweet little girl, we're surprised at how easy she seems now.  She's figuring things out and so are we.  And the fact that her non-stop screaming has ceased is a plus. 

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