Thursday, August 29, 2013

Four Month Stats

Emily is four months old, we finally got to the doctor for her checkup.  She is 25.75 inches long (89%) and 13 lbs, 10 ounces (32%).  She can roll over, from front to back and from back to front.  She can reach, grab, pull, hold onto toys.  She enjoys the exersaucer and she babbles a LOT.  She loves watching Nolan and seems to 'talk' most to him.    
Emily kept practicing her new skill of rolling onto her belly in her crib, while swaddled (and  then waking up crying) so we had to take her out of the swaddle which basically means she had to learn to sleep in a whole different way.  On the one hand, she sleeps on her belly now which is what we knew she'd prefer but on the other hand we took the pacifier away completely.  You can imagine all these changes resulted in some really hard nights and difficult days but she's getting the hang of things and just yesterday it took her 7 minutes to fall asleep for one nap and 4 for the other.  A huge improvement from 40 minutes of crying for a 40 minute nap.  She is exclusively nursing and currently takes 4 short naps throughout the day.  We'd like to eliminate the 'kitty' naps that she seems to need (and takes in the Ergo carrier) at noon and 6pm so we are also trying to extend the time between feedings and shift her to two longer naps and a catnap in the evening. 
 Emily also seems to have a bit of separation anxiety.  This would be a very early phase or just a result of the lots of changes she's been dealing with.  This makes it hard to get a break even though there are lots of willing arms to hold her.  It also makes me feel fearful of leaving her with a sitter.
Overall Emily is really pleasant and fun to be around and quite easy.  Except when she's screaming.  She's not easy then.  :)

UPDATE: I just got home from a (well deserved) night out and I guess I was right, I was called to come home early because Miss Emily wouldn't eat from a bottle. Hmmm... what can we do to fix this situation... 

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