Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Five Star Weekend

This weekend was AWESOME (wow, it's already Wednesday?!).  Dave took Friday off and we went to the beach.  Everyone had a really great time. Emily slept in the car both ways AND in the cabana.  Nolan did a great job playing in the sand and even made a friend.  We brought the kite too which was a huge hit on the beach.  He loved running around trying to get it to fly.  I LOVED playing in the sand with him at a beach that has shells and pebbles to decorate sand castles.  And I loved that Dave went swimming with Nolan.  Nolan was so excited to show off his new swimming skills.  That afternoon we went to the playground and ended up watching a way-too-competitive-for-Little-League baseball game.  There was a family having a picnic and that gave Dave an idea.

Saturday we got dressed and ready to hit the splash pad but then it started raining so we ditched that idea and went to Dinosaur State Park.  It was a nice little thing to do for the morning,  It's a teeny museum but enough excitement for us.  Saturday afternoon guess what we did???  WE HAD A PICNIC.  Dave packed up dinner- pulled chicken sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw and grapes and we headed to the playground.  Nolan was most excited about the picnic and forewent the playground playing for the picnic.  After we took a little walk and then headed home.

Sunday we went for breakfast and picked blueberries at a local farm which was awesome (more photos of this outing to come).  And Sunday night we... well, I think we rested.  Dave and I enjoyed a cocktail on the deck and Nolan played in the yard and I think some grilling was involved.

All in all it was a 5 star weekend.  Nolan had great behavior.  Emily was in good spirits.  We got stuff done, we had lots of fun and really I wish every weekend was like this one.  Jam Packed with great times.  

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