Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 On Sunday we went peach and blueberry picking.  It was one of the coolest days this month, about 88 degrees.  It being in the 90s for so long we (foolishly) thought it'd feel cooler.  It did not.  It was HOT.  Emily was just thrilled to be catching some zzzzs, despite it being so darn hot.  Nolan really enjoyed blueberry picking and even asked if he could go again.  Later that night when asked what his favorite part was, he said it was throwing the rocks into the pond.  My favorite part was riding on the tractor.  I was surprised the tractor ride wasn't his favorite, he was pretty excited to guess which color tractor we'd be riding on (there were two making the loop from the base to the peaches to the blueberries).  

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