Tuesday, July 16, 2013

makes me out to be a liar

When I said she wouldn't fall asleep with other stuff going on, what does she do?  Fall asleep in her bouncy chair.  Her hands never stopped moving from to her head to her legs but I'm pretty sure she was asleep.  

We decided, and I am agonizing about it, we will do Ferber method with Emily starting on Friday.  She will be just over 3 months old.  I'm sure this is 'too early' however we did it with Nolan at 4.5 months and both said we should have done it so much earlier, when his sleep problems began.  I must confess, I'm terrified about it.  Emily can be cranking up, body firm, muscles flexed and you pop the pacifier in her mouth and she just crumbles in relaxation.  Sadly you can't sleep train with a pacifier so that will be going away.  I think it's going to be awful while we're doing it but it is absolutely necessary since her napping is awful.  She can't get herself to sleep and I can't spend all that time rocking her to sleep while Nolan is getting zero of my attention.  I considered quitting breastfeeding so we could cut back on time I was missing out with him.  Instead I decided that if we could just plop her into her crib for sleep instead of rocking, shushing, swaddling and then sneaking the pacifier out of her mouth and placing her OH SO Gently into the crib without her waking up it'd be better for all of us.  Also, she's not staying asleep in the wee hours of the night.  She wakes up around 2:30 and then I put her down at 3:30, she's up again 2-4 more times between then and 6.  If we pop the pacifier into her mouth she's quiet/asleep? but we can't do that anymore.  We're tired and she deserved a better night's sleep. So do we.  And we know we can get there.  

I feel like sleep training is the first of many harsh realities of parenting. It's all ruffles and bows and snuggles and cuddles until about 3 months.  Then it starts turning into 'when is she going to sleep through the night, why can't I get her to take a nap, if I hold her she naps and is in a great mood...'  You see where I'm going with this, right?  She's so much happier when she sleeps well.  I just wish she could sleep well on her own.  So that's what she'll learn this weekend.  Send in the moral support people, it's awful but necessary.    

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