Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keep Trying

We are trying to get Emily on a schedule.  It seems to help her stay on track with sleeping and eating.  The trouble is when she has a difficult time sleeping I get lax with the schedule and that ends up throwing the rest of the day off.  So yesterday she was too excited with all the activity to sleep in the morning.
Seriously, how cute is this outfit.  Capri pants for a 3 month old?  So darling!
 Then she took a marathon nap, which is to say she slept for 4 hours with 2 wakings and one feeding.  As a blessing, this happened during Nolan's nap so I fell asleep too (thank goodness!) but then I woke up at 5 and she and Nolan were both still asleep.  OH NO.  Nolan normally wakes up at 4, or later if he gets a late start on his nap but 5??  I paid for it (and so did Dave, poor guy having to pay for my mistakes- sorry honey!).  Emily had a very restless sleep last night waking up within the hour she was finally put back down into the crib or basinnette.   
It's hard to get her to sleep.  Just like Nolan was, she wakes up to be part of the activity.  She doesn't want to miss out.  She startles at the smallest noises (which makes having a rambunctious 3 year old a real challenge) and we still swaddle her which adds a step between getting  her sleeping in my arms and sleeping in her crib.  BUT she is merely 12 weeks old today (can you believe it?) and while 4 months can't come soon enough (when we can sleep train her) we are trying to be patient with this process and trying to establish a daytime routine.

At this time with Nolan we began switching him over to formula due to my breastfeeding issues.  We also started Nolan on solids at about 4 months. Thankfully I've encountered only one issue thusfar (of course that was last night) and I hope to keep nursing Emily for 12 months.  Though I'm unsure if that will affect her restfulness.  On some nights she's doing a great job sleeping.  Other nights, not so much.  Though her demeanor is much more pleasant (when she takes naps) which makes our days a lot better than they used to be.  

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