Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big Week for Big Boy

Nolan started camp yesterday, it's every day for a week from 9-12.  I got really emotional when dropping him off yesterday because there were SO many kids around, probably 50, and he seemed really timid, or even scared.  He knew one of the teachers which makes things easier but he still seemed nervous.
By pick-up he seemed back to normal, like he gets this whole 'camp' thing now.  I hope he loves it and isn't too tired by the end of the week.  Above is a great photo of Nolan hiding during some hide-and-seek playing.  Sometimes his hiding spots are like this and other times he can be hard to find, like when he tucks himself completely under his bean bag chair!
Aunt Judy is leaving today leaving me running solo with the two kids for the rest of the week.  I hope it all goes well!  It's been a blessing having her here!

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