Monday, June 3, 2013


These are some of my wishes... 
I wish Emily could always find her thumb so she could soothe herself, even if she ends up with a finger in her eye.  
I wish there was always an extra body or two for her to sleep on. 
 I wish sometimes another person can feed Emily to give me a break.  While it's not difficult to feed her, it does cut into my 'plans' to do things, like play, clean, shower, etc.
 I wish there was someone who could cook every night with Nolan.  He LOVED cooking with Gramma and he ate a lot of the dinner they made.  And it occupied him for an hour before dinner.  And we didn't need to cook dinner ourselves.  Or clean up- THANK YOU Mom!
It's been a wonderful visit with Gramma.  It's been tons of help having an extra person here.  On Friday Gramma and Aunt Judy were here.  I personally think a ratio of 4 adults to two children is ideal... 

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