Saturday, June 29, 2013

Siblings and Cousins

Not until I put these two photos together did I realize how similar of faces Emily and Nolan are making.  Hilarious.  Ah, siblings.  Below are cousins Emily and Isabella, just 4 days apart.  Isabella is older but Emily sure seems bigger.  
And here are the the big brothers, Nolan and AJ, Nolan is almost 1 year older than AJ.  Those are pretend ice creams.
We had a lovely visit with Sus and Geoff and their children.  They boys played really nicely together and the girls did what normal babies do- snooze, coo, drool and poop.  Did you notice that?  I said that Emily acted like a NORMAL baby!  Yes, I think we are moving into less frantic screaming fits.  Oh, things are starting to get a bit better - notice I didn't say easier.  

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