Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Kids

It feels funny to say 'the kids' but now I guess that is the right word to use.  Nolan has been such a great big brother.  He's interested in Emily, he loves her.  He gives her hugs and kisses and what's ideal is he doesn't get upset when she's screaming.  It almost doesn't even phase him.  
Which is amazing since it causes me to enter a frenzy trying to calm her down.  It's almost like he doesn't notice- thank goodness. 
 Overall Nolan has been excellent, understanding and generally good.  We are still battling with him about the same old stuff but seemingly nothing new since Emily came along which we are very thankful for.
 He is very interested in all of the baby stuff.  Especially the on and off switches to swings, chairs etc.  And he loves to lay under this mat and turn on the different switches.  Emily seems to care less right now- she might not be able to see that far.  
We had her 2 week appt on Monday.  She has gained 2 lbs in two weeks which is remarkable (and a testament to her desire to suck/eat all the time!).  She's increased from 25% to 56%- still a peanut compared to Nolan.  But she's gaining fast!

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