Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Update

This week has been interesting.  My Aunt was visiting which was so helpful with Nolan.  Thank goodness, too, because Emily tends to be beside herself with pain, anger, fury, exhaustion?  She's a screamer and it's hard to figure out what exactly her issue is.  Sometimes it may be her diaper might had a teeny drop of urine or (god forbid) poo.  Sometimes its because she's tired.  Sometimes overstimulated.  Sometimes it's hunger.  Sometimes it's gas/digestion.  But she screams.  A lot.
 And mostly this is happening during the 'witching' hours of 6-9pm.  Yes, when there's lots going on in the house and of course, Dave and I want a few moments of 'family time'.  I think I just need to get used to nursing during dinner if I want to have 'family time'.  BUT last night we had some and it was really really lovely.  
She is a very cute baby but when she's been screaming for 15 minutes straight and we can't get her to stop she's not that cute.  Oh the learning (or re-learning) curve is sharp.

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