Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another First

Emily had her first bottle this weekend and she did great.  She drank the whole thing and seemed content after.  
While we don't expect to need to use the bottle a lot, it is nice to pass the buck when it comes time for feeding/burping/snoozing with her.   
 This weekend hosted a range of feelings.  It was good, hard, crazy, exciting and hard.  She was a bear to Dave one night, screaming and crying and we're trying new things out.  She doesn't tolerate the swaddle unless she's asleep (a new development) so that makes it hard for us when she's freaking out.  
But that's the thing with babies, right?  Just when you think you can rely on something, it changes.  Oh, I forget how inflexible I am.  This weekend was great.  Dave was a champ, giving me desperately needed breaks and naps and working hard to get stuff done too.  He's an amazing father and I feel so lucky to be on this crazy and challenging road with him.

Oh, and big boy decided to unlock and open his bedroom window instead of sleeping Sunday night and set off the burglar alarm.  Yeah, scary and frustrating.  So we rearranged his bedroom so he can't stand on his bed to access the windows.  Oh, the joys of parenting.  He'll never be able to sneak out of the house through his window when he's a teenager either (teeheehee).

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