Thursday, May 30, 2013

Smiles and Fuzz

Here are some more of those lovely open mouthed smiles Emily gives.  It's her EYES that are really smiling which is so darn cute.  
It's like she smiles with her whole body, often coupled with a full body stretch, these smiles are so fantastic!  And she's losing her hair and growing little peach fuzz which is so darling.  We can't help but speculate if it will be darker, like her hair at birth or white like Nolan's.  Only time will tell. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lazy Bones

Two Lazy Bones
 Still in their PJs
 lounging in bed

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another First

Emily had her first bottle this weekend and she did great.  She drank the whole thing and seemed content after.  
While we don't expect to need to use the bottle a lot, it is nice to pass the buck when it comes time for feeding/burping/snoozing with her.   
 This weekend hosted a range of feelings.  It was good, hard, crazy, exciting and hard.  She was a bear to Dave one night, screaming and crying and we're trying new things out.  She doesn't tolerate the swaddle unless she's asleep (a new development) so that makes it hard for us when she's freaking out.  
But that's the thing with babies, right?  Just when you think you can rely on something, it changes.  Oh, I forget how inflexible I am.  This weekend was great.  Dave was a champ, giving me desperately needed breaks and naps and working hard to get stuff done too.  He's an amazing father and I feel so lucky to be on this crazy and challenging road with him.

Oh, and big boy decided to unlock and open his bedroom window instead of sleeping Sunday night and set off the burglar alarm.  Yeah, scary and frustrating.  So we rearranged his bedroom so he can't stand on his bed to access the windows.  Oh, the joys of parenting.  He'll never be able to sneak out of the house through his window when he's a teenager either (teeheehee).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On A Roll

Today was one of the first days Emily laid on a blanket and hung out.  She was content but I just couldn't get her to sleep so I figured maybe she wasn't tired.  So I laid her on the mat.  Big Boy decided to do it too.  
Then I put her on her tummy.  She hung out on her tummy for 30 seconds or so and then rolled over.  I was surprised so I rolled her back over onto her tummy and she worked at it to roll over again!  I couldn't believe it.  (check back on friday for the video!).  So I grabbed the camera and recorded the third time she rolled.  I am so surprised, I have no idea if this was a fluke or if it's the time they should be rolling over but it's very exciting.  And even more exciting that she tolerated about 10 minutes of mat time before wailing and after some work (Swaddling, shushing, sucking and bouncing) she fell asleep. 
 Check out this photo below.  Don't mind my arm in it but Nolan took this picture of Emily smiling at me.  She was a happy little doll today- perhaps her gas issues are resolving themselves?  or maybe I spoke too soon.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Magnum P.I.

It felt like summertime today. I picked out Nolan's outfit today.  Not surprisingly, Dave had more objections about this shirt than Nolan did.  He even buttoned the shirt himself!
And while Emily looks adorable in a little dress, I decided it was too hot and got her naked to cool off.  We had a major breakthrough today, Emily tolerated about 4 minutes on the playmat without screaming.  This is very exciting! 
 Eventually we needed to put the pacifier in her mouth to quiet her down but she still laid there sucking on it watching the lights.  A really wonderful development.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whispers of a First?

Is this her first smile? (5/13/13)
It sure looks like a smile (and was not followed by gas or a poo). 
 It seems a bit early but maybe she is throwing us a bone for all the screaming she does...
Regardless, she sure is cute!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Big Brothers

The big brothers had a meeting.  The photo session with them went well.  But Emily screamed through it. 
 As previously mentioned, Nolan doesn't seem to mind.  I do, but he doesn't.
 They looked pretty proud to be holding their sisters.
 And they did some good work fixing the truck.  All boys love power drills, right?
It was a nice visit, thank you to Nana and Auntie Sus for making the trip down!  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Milk Drunk

I just love those moments after a baby eats and when they are 'milk drunk'.  I have a photo like this of Nolan at about this age, if I ever have time I'll dig it up and post side by side...  Emily is doing great- great sleeping and great eater.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Kids

It feels funny to say 'the kids' but now I guess that is the right word to use.  Nolan has been such a great big brother.  He's interested in Emily, he loves her.  He gives her hugs and kisses and what's ideal is he doesn't get upset when she's screaming.  It almost doesn't even phase him.  
Which is amazing since it causes me to enter a frenzy trying to calm her down.  It's almost like he doesn't notice- thank goodness. 
 Overall Nolan has been excellent, understanding and generally good.  We are still battling with him about the same old stuff but seemingly nothing new since Emily came along which we are very thankful for.
 He is very interested in all of the baby stuff.  Especially the on and off switches to swings, chairs etc.  And he loves to lay under this mat and turn on the different switches.  Emily seems to care less right now- she might not be able to see that far.  
We had her 2 week appt on Monday.  She has gained 2 lbs in two weeks which is remarkable (and a testament to her desire to suck/eat all the time!).  She's increased from 25% to 56%- still a peanut compared to Nolan.  But she's gaining fast!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Update

This week has been interesting.  My Aunt was visiting which was so helpful with Nolan.  Thank goodness, too, because Emily tends to be beside herself with pain, anger, fury, exhaustion?  She's a screamer and it's hard to figure out what exactly her issue is.  Sometimes it may be her diaper might had a teeny drop of urine or (god forbid) poo.  Sometimes its because she's tired.  Sometimes overstimulated.  Sometimes it's hunger.  Sometimes it's gas/digestion.  But she screams.  A lot.
 And mostly this is happening during the 'witching' hours of 6-9pm.  Yes, when there's lots going on in the house and of course, Dave and I want a few moments of 'family time'.  I think I just need to get used to nursing during dinner if I want to have 'family time'.  BUT last night we had some and it was really really lovely.  
She is a very cute baby but when she's been screaming for 15 minutes straight and we can't get her to stop she's not that cute.  Oh the learning (or re-learning) curve is sharp.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Doting Big Brother

Nolan has been incredibly helpful with Emily.  He helped bathe her, he loves to put her pacifier in her mouth and sometimes just loves to sit next to her, or crouch next to her and watch.
It's cute.  And a little scary.  But he's been wonderful with her. 
 Look at that smile.  I just love my family.