Monday, April 22, 2013

This Time Around

This time around is challenging.  We have a schedule, a routine to keep.  We wake up, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific times to benefit Nolan's routine.  I'm not sure if, in the long run, that's good but for now it's challenging.
It means that regardless of how much or little sleep we got at night, one of us needs to start our day around 7.  It also means that the other probably doesn't get to sleep since Big Brother is so interested in Baby Sister that he wants to see her when he wakes up.  This is great that he's into her but hard when we're trying to get him to do other things.  He really is so sweet and kind to her, he gives her toys to play with and even was trying to teach her how to smile and laugh.  It's really precious to see how he dotes on her already.  
 Today we went to the doctor with Emily.  Nolan loves the doctor so it was fun to see him watching Emily get checked out.  It was fun to watch the doctor and for us to tell Nolan that he is always a good boy at the doctors office- surprisingly he is!  
He's a big boy.  He looks so big in some of these pictures and I can't get over he was every nearly as small as Emily.  We are trying to give him good attention.  Unfortunately he's exhibiting the same bad behaviors he was before Emily was born.  Typical 3-year old stuff.  He's had a lot change in his life this past week, we're trying to be understanding but the stuff he's fighting us on is non-negotiable stuff- like washing hands and sitting on the potty.  But overall he's been great.  We need to stick closer to his routine, all hell breaks loose when he gets tired.  Like us all, right?  

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