Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our First Days as a Family of Four

Just because we've done this before does not mean we know what we're doing this time either.  I expected to breeze through these trial and error stages, not have any questions for my doctor, lactation consultant or pediatrician, just winging it since I've been here and done that.  I was so wrong.
Emily checking out Nolan

Emily sleeping in her crib- look how teeny she looks!
I met with the lactation consultant every day in the hospital.  Emily is very oral so unless she was sucking on something, either me or one of our fingers, she was screaming.  Like really screaming.  Then she'd hungrily attack either me or a finger.  In her first hours she was smacking her lips and sucking on her own fingers loudly.  What it also means is she'll root at anything (try to nurse it).  Fingers, clothes, blankets, shirts etc.  Today, day 5, she seems to be much more content, probably because she's actually getting something from me when she's nursing.
Nolan playing with the present Emily got him
Our first night home went pretty well.  She didn't  sleep very much but Dave and I took turns holding her.  We might have a new plan for tonight but regardless, I already feel more rested than I did in the hospital, grabbing a nap during Nolan's nap time is key to my survival.
Snuggle Time with Daddy
This morning I woke up with my first thoughts of doubt.  Only 5 days in- can I do this?  How am I doing?  Why can't I get her to sleep?  Is she eating too enough?  Is she sleeping too long?  What should she be doing?  What should I be doing?
Snuggling with Mommy
All in all, today was a great day for Emily.  She's in the swing, snoozing and hopefully with have some good night-time sleep for us too!  Wish us luck!

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