Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meet Emily Joy

Here she is!  Isn't she beautiful?  Born on April 17th at 1:41 am, via c-section weighing 7 lbs even Emily made her entrance into the world loudly!  
At the doctor's appointment the day past my original due date, April 11, we discovered she turned and was feet down/breech and I would have a c-section.  It was scheduled for April 17th at 10am.  I had been having contractions all day on the 15th and 16th but none were intense or long.  I called the office to make sure to know when I should go to the hospital.  They said 'when the contractions take your breath away'.  None of these were anywhere near taking my breath away so I went on about my day figuring they were Braxton Hicks.  
 I had some other tell tale signs that my body was getting ready to have a baby.  But at this point we were hoping she'd hold off to the scheduled c-section.  Dave and I joked about how that seemed so far away and as we lay down in bed on Tuesday night, packed, excited, giddy that we were going to meet our little girl.  We were grateful Nana and Gaga could come and spend the night with us, that Nolan could spend the day at home with his favorite people and we wouldn't need to worry about him at all.  Nana and Gaga arrived around 10pm.
I was already in bed, trying to get some sleep but failing- too many things running through my mind.  I was excited and scared.  At some point I dozed off and woke up to something taking my breath away!  Yes, a contraction.  And a big one.  One big enough to break my water- I heard/felt a pop and gush.  I woke Dave up immediately, began to shake uncontrolably, called the doctor and got dressed.  The contractions were coming fast and furious, very strong, definitely taking my breath away.  With Dave's parents downstairs we left the house about 15 minutes from when that first breath-taking contraction occurred, about midnight.
 The drive is about 15 minutes to the hospital.  Fifteen bumpy minutes.  I was having contractions between 3-5 minutes apart and on a scale of 1-10 I was giving them an 8.  We got into the triage room at the hospital and I was 6 centimeters dialated and they could feel a foot.  She was still breech.  So probably within an hour of arriving at the hospital I was in the OR, getting a 'spinal' and preparing for my c-section.  Emily Joy was born at 1:41am.  She made her entrance into the world loudly.  We didn't get to see her for the first 5 minutes or so.  So the only way we knew what she looked like were those first open mouthed pictures!  And dark hair!  
 Dave could hold her but the angle and the drugs made things for me difficult- I was woozy and nauseous and trying hard not to make a mess of things.  Still on the operating table, Dave and Emily were bonding.  I was struggling to keep my eyes open and focused.  In recovery I couldn't stop shaking which is apparently common.  So for the next hour or so I shook, like I was cold, except I wasn't.  We were wheeled off to maternity where we have been chilling, hanging out and getting to know Miss Emily Joy ever since.
What a way to enter this world, Emily.  You are precious and I can't wait to see what more waves you will make in our lives.


  1. Love it! A mind of her own already! She looks incredibly alert for a newborn in that picture with her eyes (rather than her mouth!) open. So sweet. Enjoy the precious, exhausting, crazy, wonderful, maddening newborn time....

  2. Wonderful news and such a sweet looking little girl! So happy for your little growing family. Give Emily a little squeeze from the West Coast!