Friday, April 19, 2013

Introducing the Big Brother

Nolan (with Daddy) came to visit me and Emily at the hospital every day.  Here he is meeting Emily for the first time.  He was proud but nervous.  I can understand why!
 He didn't want to hold her at first but grabbed a seat next to Dad when he was holding Emily.  
 And he got some goofy playtime in on the very uncomfortable chair/bed that Daddy slept on.
 Here's the big boy holding his baby sister.  He looks very proud and excited.  He did a great job. 
 And then gave her a sweet little kiss...
 Nana made Nolan a hospital bracelet which reads: Emily's big brother Nolan.  He was especially excited to have a bracelet, just like Mom, Dad and Emily.
 It was an exhausting visit but Emily got through it.  And then took a nap.  
We go home tomorrow.  I'm excited and nervous to see how this all works at our house.  Please wish us luck!  

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  1. So happy for you guys!! I love the photo of big brother kissing Emily!! Miss you guys!