Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting Past a Major Fear

What's this big boy doing?  (and what is he wearing?)  Well, first of all, he's wearing his all-time favorite new/hand-me-down PJs.  He begs to wear these all the time and most afternoons if we are not going anywhere we let him lounge around in his PJs.  But I digress...
He is using the vacuum.  What's so amazing about this is generally a vacuum, even when not turned on, will cause him to run into another room and close the door.  Then perhaps if feeling brave he'll sneak a peek around the corner of it and generally beg for us to put it somewhere he can't see it.   
 So when he asked to take a turn with the little vacuum we were stunned!  He didn't want to turn it on so Dave gave it to him turned on already but he proceeded to vacuum the stairs.  
 I have no idea what prompted this or if it will ever happen again but good for you, little man, for getting over one of your fears!  I'm proud of you.  And I am hoping you will vacuum the stairs for us for the rest of your life! 
Oh, and you probably want an update on the baby in my belly???  Well, she's still there although we thought she might be making an appearance earlier than scheduled (tomorrow at 8am) but the contractions I was having all day stopped last night and we got a great night sleep.  Stay Tuned... 

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